update: Setting up a local Teradek Sputnik Server

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Hey, First article about the Sputnik installation. Just wanted to say that I successfully installed latest Sputnik Server onto my old MacBook 2007 laptop. I mentioned I were curious regarding what the minimum requirements was for the Sputnik service. It worked well on my old HP G3 Proliant server, and now I know it works fine on a soon 10 … Read More

Setting up a local Teradek Sputnik Server

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For quite some time now I have wanted to try setting up my own local Sputnik server for the Teradek Bond. We have always used the cloud-based version, Amazon’s Web Services aka Amazon EC2 instance, to be more precise. So what is a Sputnik you might ask? It’s a server based software from Teradek, which picks up several IP-based video streams that is … Read More

Using the LiveU LU500

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Kalle LiveU

This is not a review or something like that, this is just our story working with live streaming and using a specific type of equipment in our workflow. This summer, or late summer would be more correct, we had two bigger productions to live stream. First we had Tough Viking, which was a first time for us, and a week later … Read More

IRIS – A glimpse at a new live streaming platform

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A few days ago we got the chance to try out the brand new (not finished) live streaming platform from Bambuser, called IRIS. Iris is a web-based platform for distributing live video content, mainly from a smartphone. It has a couple of tools that helps the user to manage, acquire and publish user generated videos, photos and live video, all from … Read More

Quick Teradek Cube encoder vs Wirecast encoder test

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I was doing some tests with our Teradek Cube regarding my redundant internet project #internetväskan, and thought I wanted to learn more about the video quality that Teradek created vs Wirecast 6. My eyes told me that the stream from the Teradek looked better, and I wanted to verify that a bit further. So I simply did a side by side … Read More